Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing

Are you for services in Inbound and outbound telemarketing?
Inbound telemarketing is when the calls come from a customer or potential lead to the business. These calls are generally the queries and inquiries about the business’s products and services and therefore in this case the customer or the caller is already familiar with the business’s offerings. On the other hand, the outbound telemarketing is when business calls its existing or new customers from its end to market its new services or products or ask for feedback from them for their customer experience till now.

To help businesses handle both types of telemarketing, Spiel Marketing has got a team of trained and qualified professionals who is proficient in languages and etiquettes and will never leave a customer on the call unhappy. Quick problem resolution and crisis management are the competencies that the professionals possess that gives the customer complaint a relief in no time. Other benefits with us include:

  • Increase your business turnover by finalising profit making deals
  • Analyse the need and want of your customer base and give you insights
  • Stay in touch with you to show you the bigger picture of all the calls combined
Other services which are included in Spiel Marketing telemarketing services include inbound complaint redressal, inbound sales, outbound sale pitches, research and finalising profit making deals. These services will enhance your ROI by creating a proper channel for communication with the customers and investors who might be interested to put money in your business and help you grow out of your existing boundaries.

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