Content Syndication

Content Syndication

"The next evolution of Content Marketing is not more content; it is better distribution.” -Chris Penn

Content syndication is where you publish your content through third-party sites. Look at it as content distribution. Syndication is just as useful for beginners building a new marketing strategy as it is for evangelists who want their name or brand to be associated with thought leadership. This ensures the extent of your content on all the possible platforms where you may find your users.

A well researched syndication strategy can offer great benefits to businesses and busy content marketing professionals:

1. Your brand messages reach even more potential customers
2. Large network content syndication can provide access to
3. Syndicated content can accelerate lead generation
4. Gives your online presence an SEO boost since each duplicate content piece will feature a backlink to your own website
5. Saves marketers a lot of time to focus on building sales funnel

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