Event Promotions

Event Promotions

Event planning and promotion can be pretty daunting. The budget you set aside for any event has to give you at least 5x return on the initial investment. You have to also define the scope of your event, the scale at which you want to broadcast, and if the efforts of everyone in the team is accounted for. In order to reach your goal, you must pre-plan your event. How to establish an end goal, the target attendees, vendor coordination among other things.

Spiel Marketing helps you with the workload. We share the burden of task and recruit your event participants for you, equip them till the day of the event, track qualified leads for your sales teams, promoting your event, gathering new contacts, & typically making your event a success. This ultimately leads to a successful event and increased revenues through our campaign analytics.

We take it upon ourselves to cover all bases in terms of the following event processes:
1. Securing attendees through the outreach of social media
2. Using thoroughly researched email lists
3. Robust event email campaigns via different platforms
4. Campaign execution and post campaign follow up
5. Analyze results as an overview

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